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Low Loader Hire

What is a Low Loader? 

‘Low Loader’ has become a generic phrase in the heavy goods vehicle industry to describe a whole variety of low deck trailers. A low loader trailer is also referred to as semi low-loader, step frame, plant trailer or machinery carrier. The stepped down deck and smaller wheels on these type of trailers provides a lower deck than a standard flat/platform trailer. This gives the option to drive vehicles directly onto the deck via attached hydraulic or detachable ramps. Standard flat/platform trailers have to be loaded via a loading platform or forklift or crane. These trailers are often called ‘low loaders’ as they are lower than the trailers a particular operator usually uses.

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Our low loader services:

  • It offers the power to hold legal masses up to 12 ft (3.66 m) tall, which alternative trailers cannot. 

  • Our low loader drivers are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

  • There are several types of low loader vehicles, including: Fixed Gooseneck , Fixed-neck , Hydraulic detachable gooseneck,  Mechanically-detachable gooseneck,  Mechanical folding gooseneck

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is a low loader
A low-loader has a deck height of between 80cm- 1m, therefore the operator immediately gains a much-needed height capacity. Many companies that deal with heavy machinery find it to be a practical investment, especially when moving advanced equipment
How long are Low Loaders?

Typically, low loaders around 30-33 feet long

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