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Fly Tip Clearances

What is fly tipping and how does it affect the surrounding area?

Fly-tipping refers tothe illegal dumping of waste on land without the landowner’s permission or a valid license to dump waste. Fly-tipping can cause serious environmental damage, especially if residential or commercial waste is hazardous.

The illegal dumping of waste can encourage rodents and pests in the local area, harm the environment and have a damaging impact on people who come into contact with it. Fly-tipped waste also rapidly attracts more fly-tipping too. As such, the waste needs to be cleared safely and professionally and the area cleaned afterwards to help ensure the area is left in a natural state.

Once the fly-tipping area is cleared, the waste is taken to a registered waste transfer agent who processes the waste material and ensures it is disposed of in accordance with all waste disposal and environmental regulations.

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What our fly tipping clearance service offers:

  • providing a fly-tipping waste response for pathways, roadsides, local problem sites, and private land.

  • In some instances, fly-tipped waste can include hazardous materials, such as liquids, and so our licensed waste removal extends to hazardous waste clean-up.

  • We also work closely with national organisations to tackle ongoing fly tipping incidents. Our partnerships with these corporations will improve waste management and minimise the amount of fly tipped waste throughout the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the clearance of fly tipping?

Private Property

If you are a private landowner and become a victim of fly-tipping then it is your responsibility to safely dispose of the waste and pay any costs for doing so. Report the incident to your local authority or the Environment Agency.

Public Property

Local authorities are responsible for investigating and clearing up the smaller scale fly-tipping on public land.

What items classify as fly tipping?

Fly-tipping is illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water. The waste is usually dumped to avoid disposal costs. You need to follow different rules for litter, which is usually less than a black bag’s worth, for example food or tobacco-related litter.

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