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Groundworks and Excavation

What is Groundworks and Excavations?

The meaning of ‘groundworks’ refers to the work carried out to prepare the ground and below ground to enable the start of a construction project. In short, Groundworks is the first set of activities involved on a construction site that lead to the foundations being laid.

In construction terms, excavation is the process of removing earth to form a cavity in the ground. On small sites or in confined spaces, excavation may be carried out by manual means using tools such as picks, shovels and wheelbarrows.

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Our Groundwork and Excavation services:

  •  All site groundwork operations are carried out by experienced operatives and overseen by the managing director. All our groundwork staff are accredited, qualified and highly trained for all types of groundwork

  •  We own and operate a comprehensive range of plant machinery for all construction work. Our experienced civil engineers will carefully analyse your requirements to match the right equipment to your job.

  • All of our groundwork projects are carried out to an exceptionally high standard and undertaken in a professional manner. We provide the most cost effective groundwork services including; Augering & Moleing,  Footings, Retaining Walls, Hard Landscaping, Land Drains and Drainage

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors need to be considered when conducting an excavation?
  • The reason for the excavation to be carried out. Is the excavation this being carried out meant to remove trees or prepare a garden or building foundations. …
  • The type of soil at the site. …
  • The size of the project being undertaken. …
  • The conditions surrounding the site.
What is included in groundworks?
  • Foundations.
  • Trenching.
  • Reinstatement.
  • Substructure.
  • Sewer Construction.
  • Basement Construction.
  • All Drainage.
  • Landscaping.
How many types of excavations do we offer?

A common method of classifying excavation is by type of excavated material: topsoil, earth, rock, muck, and unclassified.

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